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corporate lunch catering Mountain View, CA
South American Cuisine
Benefits of Corporate Lunch Catering
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Most of us can agree that we've at one time or another had to go for a rushed lunch, grabbing food from the local convenience store or office vending machine. In most cases, this is done to save time so we can get back to work quickly. Unfortunately, the results of such eating habits tend to be negative. This is one of the main reasons why corporate lunch catering has become so important in today's workplace environment. The following are some of its other main benefits:...
weekend brunch in Mountain View CA
The Best Weekend Brunch in Mountain View, CA
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When it comes to weekend brunch, there is practically nothing more delicious than South America cuisine. However, the trick is finding the right spot. Consider the hunt over since The Voya Restaurant specializes in South American food and brunch! The following is our mouth-watering brunch menu to share with friends and family for your next brunch meet-up....
South American restaurant Mountain View
South American Cuisine
An Introduction to South American Cuisine
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Way before the Europeans came upon South America; the native people already knew how to cultivate different varieties of plants. In fact, they had already developed a unique irrigation system and terraced the very steep Andean Mountains to make them adaptable for growing food. Some of the crops they grew included chili peppers, sweet potatoes, and beans, while they raised guinea pigs and llamas....
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