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Benefits of Corporate Lunch Catering

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29 Aug
corporate lunch catering Mountain View, CA
Most of us can agree that we've at one time or another had to go for a rushed lunch, grabbing food from the local convenience store or office vending machine. In most cases, this is done to save time so we can get back to work quickly. Unfortunately, the results of such eating habits tend to be negative. This is one of the main reasons why corporate lunch catering has become so important in today's workplace environment. The following are some of its other main benefits:

5 Great Benefits of Corporate Lunch Catering

Nothing Beats Delivery

For those who understand the importance of working with deadlines, having nice and healthy food delivered to your office can serve as a great morale and energy booster. Employees can enjoy healthy food in a convenient location, and get directly back to their duties after lunch. The Voya Restaurant is a Mountain View restaurant specializing in South American food that offers lunch catering near Googleplex and the surrounding Silicon Valley region.

Healthier Meals

Most people who work late nights or early morning hours often consume unhealthy foods due to tight schedules. However, with occasional corporate lunch or breakfast catering, all this can be avoided since managers can have healthy meals delivered directly to their office. Such a move will help promote nutritious eating habits and help everyone stay on top of their game.


In today's office environment, we can all agree that schedules often shift at a moment's notice, and deadlines can arrive much faster than we expected. As a result, we're often forced to work beyond regular hours, but our bodies still require energy to keep up. With corporate lunch catering, you don't need to walk to your car, leave the office, eat, rush back and return to work. The time saved from the convenience of lunch catering is impeccable.


One of the best things about corporate lunch catering is the fact that managers and staff can all enjoy a wide variety of foods right from the office; something that can't be provided by local convenient stores or vending machines. With The Voya Restaurant's diverse lunch menu, managers can order a variety of menu options and set up a buffet-style lunch for the team to enjoy.

Helps to Boost Productivity and Morale

Every manager loves to have a healthy, well-fed, and productive team working for their organization. If your team is forced to work on empty stomachs or consume unhealthy foods, it's unlikely that they'll be able to exceed any expectations. However, with corporate lunch catering services, you can ensure that all of your workers are well fed, regardless of schedule changes or deadline shifts.
There's also a huge boost in morale that comes from team bonding over lunchtime, and free food. Ordering lunch for your employees really shows that you care about them, appreciate them, and want them to be happy and healthy employees. If it's been a while since you shared a meal with your team, consider breakfast or lunch catering from The Voya Restaurant.

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For over 15 years, The Voya Restaurant has managed to gain and maintain a stellar reputation when it comes to providing some of the best breakfast and lunch catering services. For the best South American cuisine and lunch catering, browse our breakfast and lunch menus and contact us today at 650-386-6471 or use our online contact form.
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