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The Voya Restaurant


Press Release for The Voya Restaurant

With the boom of the tech industry and the steady increase of wealth in the Bay Area, standards for the quality of food have risen to new levels. The Voya Restaurant, located at 1390 Pear Avenue in Mountain View is an establishment that strictly focuses on surpassing these standards while maintaining an environment of luxury. It's ambiance and design are proof that The Voya is setting the standard for its competitors. Every inch of it is modern. Sleek counter tops encase an open kitchen; the cooking process is as honest and transparent as its ingredients.

The Voya is the product of restauranteur Bella Awdisho, owner of Mountain View's tremendously successful Italian gem, Cucina Venti. It is built on the same foundation as its predecessor. Use only the best components and bring fresh food to its highest potential. As an owner, she will tolerate nothing less.

The Voya required vision.The ability to constantly conceptualize and execute complex dishes worthy of the Bay Area's elite. After an exhaustive search, Executive Chef Carlos Madea was hand selected. Under seasoned leadership his team brings each innovative idea to life, creating exceptional South American dishes composed of locally, responsibly sourced ingredients. Cuisine that in his hands is elevated to new heights of flavor. From Latin Tapas to whole grilled Branzino, each dish is unique.

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