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The Voya Father’s Day Menu

Four Course Dinner

$75.00 per Person


Guacamole – Fresh cut Haas avocados, lime, cilantro, Serrano peppers, tomato and red onion. Served with homemade plantain, yucca and taro chips.
Coconut Crusted Shrimp – Served with sweet mango habanero sauce.
Cabo Ceviche – Mahi Mahi, lime juice, mango puree and habanero.
Peruvian Ceviche – Red snapper cured in lime juice, pico de gallo and cucumber.
Ahuachile Ceviche – Cured prawns in lime juice, pico de gallo, avocado and cucumber.


Jicama – Lettuce, oranges, raisins with an arbol chile dressing.
House Salad- Butter lettuce with fresh shredded mango. Served with an orange vinaigrette.


Peruvian Style Chicken – Half free range chicken, Peruvian potatoes, salsa verde, habanero sauce and grilled seasonal vegetables.
Cochinita Pibil – Yucatan style braised pork, pickled onions, fresh oranges, tortilla, queso fresco, creamy plantain and cilantro rice.
Churrasco Argentino – Grilled hanger steak, creamy corn, poblano chilies, green beans, and chimichurri sauce.
Salmon Maya – Grilled salmon on top of a drizzle of habanero sauce served with rice mixed with organic black beans, grilled vegetables and pumpkin seeds.
Chile Relleno – Poblano Chile stuffed with rice, corn, onion, smoked mozzarella and arugula. Topped with spicy oregano tomato sauce and queso fresco. Served with cilantro rice and our signature house salad.


Chocolate Molten Cake – Served with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato.
Homemade Ricotta Banana Beignets – Served with a drizzle of chocolate and caramel sauce with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato.

Executive Chef Armando Ramirez

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